Monday, July 15, 2013

Mister Incognito: The Man. The Mystery.

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As a reporter my integrity means a great deal to me, and if there is information that is meant not for me to pry upon I will assuredly respect those boundaries. Still it's dificult not to be intrigued by today's subject.

Mister Incognito. Believe me ladies and gentlemen he lives up to his name. Since his appearance in the blogosphere in October of 2012, he has been very secretive about his identity, like Med keeping his name an alias and his true identity a secret. 

Born in Soviet Russia, Incognito and his stepbrother Vikady, who has made several appearances on his blog, were raised by their mother and father. His childhood from what I can gather seems like a fairly ordinary one. His parents were loving, if a bit traditional and pressing in their world views. It is hard to tell whether or not Incognito reveres them or resents them. Perhaps a bit of both.  "My entire childhood Father was always teaching me to do "man" things, he would always take me with him to work on the summer house, chop down some trees, hunting, fixing stuff, always made me do work out, you know all that stuff a man should be able to do in a family," says Incognito, which is perhaps why he and his brother chose to follow in their father's footsteps. 

Icognito's father was a lieutenant in the well known KGB organization, The Committee for State Security in the Soviet Union. Incognito and Vikady both became members, presumably to due to influence from their father's, as Incognito puts it, "Blind Patriotism." Incognito seems to regard this decision as a bad one, which can be for a number of reasons if you know much about secret military organizations. There have been many blatant mentions on his blog of instances where Incognito and his brother have done things the average person may consider less than moral, (though if I do say so I doubt many of the readers of this article are of the average variety.) The most notable incident to be spoken of is an instant were Vikady murdered a number of innocent individuals, women and children included, in a reckless attempt to snatch a criminal, something Incognito still resents him for. 

Probably the most regretful consequence from this career choice however, is that it was unfortunately the decision that lead to Incognito becoming acquainted with the Slender Man. 

A decade or so back, Incognito began an investigation in Lithuania. There had been a nuclear power plant warning that had gone up from a small town, proclaiming the plant was in danger of exploding. Further investigation proved a mysterious fire had started in the forest near the plant, but had somehow extinguished itself before causing any trouble. Upon investigating Incognito was ultimately lead to his culprit, who was of the suited and slender variety. Since Incognito has been on the run for his life, as are all who have encountered him.

Most would consider him very lucky, since ten years of surviving is nothing to sniff at, but as we all know survival comes at a cost. Incognito seems a very calculating person, who does not seem to be too dictated by morals, although he does seem to have restraint and interest in helping those like him. He's a private and logical person, who does not enjoy wasting time with casualties. He has no hobbies, and no interests outside of surviving, something this reporter finds rather tragic in a way. 

As of right now Incognito is traveling with his brother and another young runner by the name of Sanna, (the author of this blog right here, really she is a treat of a read.) The two are traveling through Europe, trying to evade proxies who have been dogging her in England. His relationship with Vikady continues to be strained despite the time they've spent together, which calls into question how long the relationship has before emotional turmoil sets in. Also along for the ride with the gang is the projection of the Fear, Judgement, who has taken on Incognito's guise and has been aiding them in their travels.

Incognito is currently planning to finish his time aiding Sanna and then going to follow up on a lead given to him by Vikady that may help in the quest to eliminate the Fears. When asked, Incognito did not seem all too optimistic in terms of defeating them, and his overall response seemed to echo the words Not in my time. "Lets face it I'm getting old, there are other runners out there who have far more better chances at ending all of this than me, I'll probably die doing this, but I won't die without leaving something for other Runners to work with."

To read more about Incognito's ventures, do check out his blog here. 

Until the next time this is Johnny Marconi, signing off, reminding all you runners out there to stay safe and stay strong.