Monday, June 10, 2013

Nasty Ol' Angelo Covelli

Sorry I've been out of the limelight. All of us here in the labyrinth had a rough run in with another runner. A real piece of work this one! Worse than Tommy! Maybe even worse than Kelly (an internet proxy I've become acquainted with who I'm sure enjoys smirking smugly.)

This ol' fellow was just plain nasty.

The gang and I were holed up in one of the many nooks. Our environments tend to have a good amount of variance, and this particular day we were wandering around these empty ballrooms the size of The Versailles!

Oliver was the one who spotted him first.

OM: Shh...Tony do you see that?

TS: It's so dark! We need light in here!

JM: Shut up imbecile! Can't you see the lady is trying to talk!

TF: Both of you shut up!

Mr. Fetzer like the gentleman he is rapped us both across the back of the heads like school boys.

OM: Quiet! What do you think that is over there in that room?

TF: ...Looks like a person.

Theo began crying.

OM: Shh...No, Theo don't cry, I'm sure he isn't anybody. Shh...Here it's alright.

JM: My with all this ruckus I doubt he isn't aware we're here! You all wouldn't of lasted a second hunting in the great wilderness.

TF: Shut up you little shit!

OM: Here, Tony take Theo...I'm going to go in and see what's up.

JM: What! We can't just let you go in there without protection!

TS: Not without some light! Dark things in there.

JM: Yes! Listen to the blabbering idiot! He's talking sense for once! You all only listen when he's spewing schlock!

TF: Pipe down wouldja!

OM: Tony, if something goes wrong, take the west path and head South. That should lead you back to fountains.

I'll elaborate here that the fountains McMasters is mentioning is a large underground cavern with fountains where'd we'd been hiding for the last week.

TF: Be careful.

She nodded to us before sliding out and approaching the figure. In hindsight we probably could've been a bit sneakier as Theo was crying still and Tommy was fidgeting with some doohickey or other. We waited with our breaths bated for minutes, hours it seemed, before she called for us.

OM: It's okay you guys, come on out. Tommy I need you to help me.

We all emerged, coming into the room to find a man, battered and bloody, chained to a wall. He was looking at us with these icy blue eyes, the likes of which I have never seen in my life. He had a disquieting grin on his face. Oliver was trying to loosen his chains.

OM: Tommy, can you help me get him loose?

TS: Oliver it's dark, too dark for light.

AC: Those chains aren't coming loose sweetheart, I already told you.

He had a thick Jersey accent, and he was looking us all over.

AC: Ain't often I get visitors.

OM: How long have you been down here?

AC: Who can say? I know it wasn't this cold when they screwed me in place.

OM: What do you mean cold?

AC: Can't feel it? No I suppose not. You're sitting in the mouth of hell sweetheart. That's the irony see, everybody says shit like hell is never gonna freeze over, but they don't realize it's an eternity of being chained to a fucking iceberg and freezing your fucking buns off.

OM: Y-you're cold?

AC: Freezing sweetheart. You're all about to be freezing.

As he said it we could all feel it. The shiver running up our spines and the room dropping a few degrees. I assume this was his way of telling us he'd been here for a long time.

TF: Tommy wait, don't saw him out just yet. Oliver this guy seems like a kook.

AC: You have no idea buddy.

OM: We can't just leave him here!

AC: Yeah, why don't we cuff you up too sweetheart. I wouldn't mind being chained up with you.

TF: You shut up!

AC: Touchy I see? Well that'll pass in time. You stop caring eventually.

OM: How did you get down here?

AC: Same way you did I suspect. Found out a little bit too much too soon, and needed to be put away.

OM: Are you a proxy?

AC: I'm not on the side of the people who put me down here if that's what you're asking.

JM: Yes, but you certainly don't seem to be saying you're on our side either.

AC: ...Hey don't I know you?

JM: Me? Sorry pal I think you must have me confused with somebody else. My name is Johnn-

AC: Little Johnny from the projects. I remember you. You were the little shit that spent all his time running his mouth about what a big shot you were. I thought someone would've thrown you off the Brooklyn Bridge by now, looks like I was right.

OM: You know each other?

JM: I've never met him in my life.

AC: Sure you have. I'm Angelo Covelli, remember? You used to hang around my back porch day and night.

JM: I don't know who you think I am, but you and I have never-

AC: Fine, whatever Johnny. Not like your damn reputation even matters down here. But let a sleeping dog lie I s'pose.

OM: Look, do you know any way out of here?

AC: There isn't a way out sweetheart. We're all smack dab in the thick of it, now.

TR: What do you mean?

AC: You kids ever hear of the Empty City?

OM: No...No that can't be where we are!

TF: That isn't possible. We've never even seen a city!

AC: That's cute flathead, real astute observation.

TF: You don't know if that's where we are! For all we know you're just some sick mind-game someone hung up.

AC: Don't call me a fuckin pawn. You think I like hanging here all alone in this hell hole?

TS: Oliver...Light...We need light...

OM: Tom hush up for a second.

AC: There is no way out. You'll all die down here, this is the hell you've been allotted and I suggest you get used to it.

TR: No. I can't, Mom she needs me!

AC: Hey sweetie look on the bright side. Without you she probably won't get axed in the night. She's probably safer without you anyway.

Theo again started crying loudly.

TF: You shut the hell up, creep. I don't care how long you've been hanging there! You don't know shit about any of this. The exit could be just a few halls down.

AC: Well do send me a postcard when you find it.

OM: Well at least we're trying to be optimistic.

AC: Optimistic!? Ha! Oh honey you don't know what you've sunken into. You're all doomed, and with all that fucking optimism I can tell you you're gonna get a lot worse than chained to a wall. You think you're the first shits to pass by here. You think they all just found the exit a few halls down? You think-

TS: Light!

At this point, Tommy in a strange show of genius, managed to ignite a match.

TS: Light! Light!

TF: What the- What the hell are you doing Tom?

AC: Hey keep that thing the hell away from me!

Shocking all of us, Tommy did just the opposite and lit Angelo on fire.

I suppose it makes a little sense looking back on it. He did say he was freezing after all.

It was horrible though. We all ran out of there as quickly as we could so Theo wouldn't have to listen to the screaming, but I caught a glimpse of him and the man was melting! Melting of all things! Like one of the bad effects from an Indiana Jones movie.


We were all considerably shaken after that encounter. Tony especially since he kept kicking walls, and then cleaning up the scuff marks. It's queer seeing him so stirred up. It seems we have all made a silent vow not to discuss it ever again.

Angelo Covelli was certainly tragic and deranged. I still don't know how he seemed to know me since as I mentioned, I had never met him before now. I suppose he was simply crazy.

It is concerning though what he said about the Empty City. If such is the case, it may be the case indeed that there is no mistake, and this nightmarish labyrinth is only the beginning. I do hope he is wrong.

I'll be continuing the interviews in no time at all. Just needed some time to breathe after that.

This is Johnny Marconi signing off.

Stay alive, and stay strong!


  1. If it is the empty city, then yeah. You're already dead, and now it's just a matter of waiting. Which brings us to a question. Would you rather starve, or die of thirst, or simply wander, lost, until you die? Or wait until the people you're with turn on each other, have to kill the very people you should be working with or be killed yourself? Or will you take action, deprive the City of its fun, and end it yourself?

  2. Well that's certainly a lot of things you just said there. But we aren't starving or going crazy or anything, and we've been down here for weeks.

    1. This is the empty city. You need to think bigger. Even assuming you won't starve? You can't get out. The first few weeks weren't so bad. What about the next few? or the next six months? The six months after that? Twenty years time? Fifty? assuming you don't age, what about the next century? Madness is just around the corner when you're short of a time limit.
      Just remember that I warned you, when someone finally cracks up.

    2. Well Sir, in the words of the wise Oliver McMasters, we are trying to be optimistic. We don't know if this is the city or not. So please do not entrall me with the details of my imminent demise now because in all frankness, there is nothing to be done about it now.

    3. Check up on my first comment. There is.

    4. Crimeny, we don't even know if the empty city is the case yet. There's nothing to be done until all hope is lost, and it isn't. There is always hope!

    5. Not at all. Hope is a construct of the mind. You cannot have hope, for it is nothing but a way of convincing yourself to continue. You can only pretend to have hope. And after a certain point, blind hope leads down a dark path indeed. Case in point, myself.

  3. Johnny, this 'Angelo' guy claimed he knew you? Have you considered the possibility that you have met and can't remember? Or that he was actually a manifestation of some Fear that you know about?

  4. Shame, he didn't leave an address before he melted, so you could send him a post card.

    Marconi, you know, there used to be a mafia with that last name, but I'm sure its simply a coincidence.

    So The Empty City, didn't expect it to be so, icy? But maybe it changes, or some mumbo jumbo like that.