Monday, May 27, 2013

Madame Med: The Scientist, The Experimenter, The Girl.

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Who better to start these strange biographies, than the lovely quick wit, Miss Med.

Making her internet debut in early February of this year, Miss Med has gained quite a following, and who can honestly be surprised? This young and feisty newcomer to the Slenderverse appeared with fresh new ideas and a faint trail of hope in her wake. She won us over with her sunny and "can-do" demeanor, as well as some top notch ideas for getting under a certain someone's slendery skin. Some called her a genius for her plans to study the Slenderman, others called her a suicidal daredevil for attempting them. But who truly is the woman behind the blog? I took some time out of my schedule to find out.

Miss Med, who refrained from sharing her real name in this interview, was an average chid growing up in New Zealand in the tiny town of Manapouri. She was rather smart from the beginning, always conducting her own experiments, and creating mischief with her cousin whom she has mentioned in her own blog. She remembers having encountered the Slender Man around the age of 8, but says he did not impact her life until later when she came across him again almost 8 years later, a month before he debut on the blogosphere. However, did Med drop into a dark and depressing pit of self-pity upon encountering this monstrous entity. Don't be ridiculous! Not this young lady. Med, like a true scientist, was ready to have a look see at just what this Slenderman was all about. Experimenting with operator signs, azoth, proxies, and even managing to build a contraption to detain the Slenderman have all been some of her various achievements, as well as being awarded a "sage" title, albeit mockingly, by a Proxy named Fracture. Truly this young lady has been working her way up in the ranks, though that's not to say though that the road has all been sunshine and lollipops.

Med is notorious for being a bit of a daredevil, taking risks that some would argue are "unnecessary." Some of these risks have lead to some rather harsh turns, one in particular that gave a whole knew meaning to the old idiom "an eye for an eye."

The biggest question on everyone's mind, however, seems to be a question of what this young lady has been hiding. Several times now Med has succumbed to an angry state a few proxies have deemed "feral." In the midst of physical battles she has been known to go rather wild, fighting back in an almost animalistic sort of way. It's been a concern for many of her followers, who have worries this state may lead to darker turns. Med however, chooses not to fret, claiming her angry fits have been a part of her personality since childhood. "I'm kind of of the opinion that anyone who puts me in enough pain to get into that state deserves what they get," says Med when asked about it. "I can assure you that I'm not [a proxy]. Am I likely to go on a murdering spree?...No, no I'm not."

Whatever you may make of her, a plucky scientist, or a time bomb, Med has truly stirred up the slender-world, reviving the age of fighters while adding her own positive spin on it, sometimes giving us the strange sensation that fighting the Slenderman could be, of all things, fun?

She's been a hopeful light in this dark hole, and this reporter can only say he cannot wait to hear more of her adventures.

To read about Miss Med's current endeavors just press this handy link.

This is Johnny Marconi signing off.

Stay strong! And stay safe!


  1. Med never ceases to amaze me. :D

  2. Well, this is an interesting spin on things. Bit too much purple prose for my tastes, but still pretty interesting. And hey, you can learn from it too! I never realised you were a girl Med (no offence). Guess I just never thought about it.

    I may be interested in giving an interview- the people I'm staying with don't think it's such a good idea to have all this emotional baggage, and maybe it'd be better to get it off my chest.

  3. You're doing interviews of us now? What a damn waste of time.

    1. On the contrary. I find it to be a tremendously good use of my free time.

  4. I said it once and I say it again, Med rocks!
    Also love your interviews, I'd love for you to do one on me XD

  5. Slender_Man. Slender MAN. THERE IS A SPACE! IT IS NOT ONE WORD!!!!

    Sorry. But, honestly, I absolutely HATE it when people misspell his name. And're kinda copying Kelevra. Though, I suppose it's a good idea to have a second opinion...