Monday, May 6, 2013

A Man Made Prisoner to the Unknown and The Glaring Threat of Uncertainty

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I know most of you folk reading this out there have probably fallen on some rough times. Yeah, I know how it goes, one moment your living your life, the next moment some monstrosity comes out of the woodwork and all of a sudden you're on your own! An outcast from all things good and secure! Living life in day to day fear, and one of the things you good folks have to worry about is the uncertainty.

Well say no more my dear friends for uncertainty is no longer your concern, because Johnny Marconi is on the job. And just who is Johnny Marconi may you ask? Why he is the fellow who is going to solve a vast majority of your problems.

A tall good looking young devil with an eye and an ear for a juicy story, who up until a few weeks ago I was simply a humble reporter living in Brooklyn, trying to make a name for myself in the mainstream with the big fish. But what separated this charismatic young gentleman from any other upstart reporter, I'll tell you what, this reporter had an eye for the unusual.

An investigator of the paranormal he was, always tailing the truth, always an inch away from discovering a real paranormal phenomenon that would turn the world topsy and cement him as the most important reporter in history. Some called him crazy, others called him a genius, but no opinions mattered to Ol' Johnny Marconi.

One day he found it! The scoop to end all scoops. A mysterious murder committed at the dead of night in the middle of a dark forest, a young man no older than thirteen, gutted in the most heinous of ways. And what was truly interesting was the way the murder was covered up.

No article in the newspaper, no police statement, it was almost as if it had never happened. If it weren't for the watchful eye of our plucky reporter, I'm sure it would have never achieved any notoriety at all. He quickly began his own inspection and stumbled a bigger secret than he could imagine.

The monstrous entity known as the Slenderman! As well as his fellow fears. Killers in the most unethical and paranormal of senses! Marconi was going to expose them, but before he had the chance he was imprisoned in a lonely labyrinth of halls and rooms, never-ending with no foreseeable exit. A sudden and unexpected figure of tragedy, who had the power to end all of the suffering completely but was conquered by trickery most foul.

Marconi wandered alone for days, nothing but his typewriter to keep him company, when he happened upon four other prisoners. Ms. Oliver McMasters, a strong willed and yet still soft and stunning young woman, Mr. Tony Fetzer, an ill-tempered, gloomy and angst-ridden individual, haunted by the ghosts of his past, Thomas Swan, a madman with no respect for personal space, and little Theo Russel, a young girl who had only begun to live life.

Together the little crew searches for an escape from the inescapable labyrinth known as the loop, searching desperately for a return to the world that they may never reach. Along the way, through the use of Swan's computer, Marconi began to educate himself on the stories of all the other victims like him, and vowed to do something to ease the suffering of those stalked by the Fears.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Johnny Marconi is me, and this is my story that I shall publish in an attempt to ensure my struggles never be forgotten nor the struggles of any other like him! This blog shall be a vocal point for the masses, a place to collect the news and learn of the trials and tribulations of those like you.

We shall never be forgotten!

So please my friends, stay tuned, for this will be a story you will not want to miss.


  1. I have a feeling I'm gonna like you, Johnny.

    1. Why thank you mademoiselle! I assure you the feeling is quite mutual!

  2. I agree with Frankenstein, I like you, I like your artistic nature, the way you write that is. Talking about yourself in third person, truly a person of confidence. Not to mention your over the top curiosity, curiosity is one of my favorite aspects in a human being.

    So you are also stuck in a loop, a pity, I hope you survive, simply for the sole reason that I want to watch how far you manage to go with that attitude.

    I will be keeping an eye on this.

    1. Laugh now proxy but I assure you, this reporter has a spirit that can never be quenched!

    2. I certainly hope so, wouldn't want to see such a Patient die out so quickly.

  3. Someone new. I would say pleasure to meet you, but considering the circumstances...

    Anyways, stay safe--Carter