Friday, May 10, 2013

Theo Russle: The Smashed Window of Innocence

Since Fetzer continues his campaign as a world class stubborn mule, today I will be talking about the young Ms. Theo Russle. A poor soul indeed. Barely a night goes by she doesn't rouse us with hysterics. Ms. Russle is only about seventeen years of age, and the poor girl has a resolve of toothpicks. Sad teary blue eyes and hiding behind a sheet of blonde hair, closed in on herself in various corners at times, one can only wonder what she things about.

JM: So Theo, why don't you tell me a little about yourself?

TR: ...

JM: Come on now, don't be shy.

TR: ...

JM: We'll start simple. Why don't you tell me where you're from.

TR: [muffled mumbling.]

JM: What was that?

TR: ...Michigan...

JM: Really now? From the great lake state? It gets pretty cold up there doesn't it?

TR: ...

JM: Tell me, how did you come to be trapped down here?

TR: ...I...I was just...I don't know what happened...

JM: What do you mean, dearie?

TR: She was sick.

JM: Who was sick?

TR: ...

JM: Oh come now, don't cry. Everything is fine, just keep going.

TR: My mom was sick...and I was at the hospital with her...and I hate hospitals. I've always hated hospitals.

JM: Go on.

TR: Look...I don't, I can't talk about this. Not to you, not to anyone.

JM: That's alright, that's alright. I completely understand. I'm not here to push you. Would you prefer to talk about something else?

TR: ...Yeah...sure...

JM: How long have you been here?

TR: ...three months...three months since...yeah.

JM: Since the incident at the hospital.

TR: ...

JM: Hey now, every thing's fine. There's no need to cry.

TR: I'm sorry, I'm not trying to cry...I just...

JM: Shh...hey quiet down now.

TR: Oh God...Oh God...

JM: Hey...hey you're alright.

OM: Leave her alone Johnny!

It was at this point poor Theo dissolved into hysterics. I know it may seem as though I provoked her but you must understand this is a usual occurrence for the poor girl. Oliver once offered her a blanket in case she was cold, and the girl just began screaming, something that can be difficult when everyone is kept together in a confined space most of the time. She's touchy, but hopefully she'll come around soon.

Next time I will broadcast the great story of Tony Fetzer! Because dammit he's the last and he won't get away.

Wish me luck and keep strong!


  1. I know how she feels. I'm sixteen; my version is to burst into tears at night. It's pretty "normal" for people in our situation. Never gone into hysterics though; can't. In hiding and all that jazz.

    Sounds like something that passes though. Her brain, the thing that triggers such anxiety attacks, will realise that she can't go on forever like that. So while it might not get better yet, it will soon get easier.

    Next time ask her one question at a time, and even if she's slow to answer, just wait it out. Feeling she has a time limit will make her even more stressed out.

  2. This is rather... Odd. It seems that she'd be getting stalked by the plague doctor more than slendy. Think back to the last thing you can remember before you wound up wherever you are. Move forwards in slow steps, one thing at a time. See if you remember anything new.

  3. My condolences to her, that is understandable behavior, just a little kid, should come around, be like a new family to her in order to speed up the process of "coming around".

    Again, my condolences.

    - Mendella.

  4. Jeez, you'd think that "poor" girl would be able to hold it together for a few minutes?

    Seriously, she needs to get a grip.


    1. Don't be a dick man... woman? Anyways the point is it's incredibly easy to get sincerely fucked in the head, living on the run. Especially when you're only in your teens. So she's a loon? That's not her fault, and just 'getting a grip' is a pretty hard thing to do when there's nothing left to hold on to!

    2. I agree with pHIL. Theo obviously has anxiety problems. How would you and I feel if someone told us to "get a grip" on depression? We'd feel shitty, it'd be impossible. It's like telling someone with cancer to "get a grip".

      How could you forget so quickly what it's like to have no control, Rose? Not all of us have the astral plane and inner demon on our side.

    3. Rose, I'm gonna chime in with the 'that was uncalled for's. For a second I thought that was Thorn talking.

    4. Sometimes I don't even know WHO'S talking...

      ERGH! Would SOMEBODY get over here and GET HER OUT?!

      -Rose (I'm pretty sure this is me talking)