Saturday, May 18, 2013

Newsflash: Odd Occurrences Last Night

Late last night we had a strange occurrence. I should probably explain to you a little more the scenario me and my compadres have been in over the last month or so.

The loop we are caught in, is a strange labyrinth. Going on for miles, with no end in sight. It passes through many environments, an old manner, a dungeon, and a garden maze are just a few of the ones I've seen. Late last night however we were wandering through a dark part with stone walls, when we came upon a group of hooded figures proceeding down the hall in a straight formation.

After they had passed, Miss Oliver had the ingenious decision to follow behind them, in the even they happened to be approaching an exit. We trailed them for hours, but they never did turn around. We lost them after a while. Their appearance has made Fetzer even more edgy than usual. He seems afraid that we shall all be attacked. I do not worry about such things though. We haven't been attacked yet, although I should probably go find some wood to knock on after having typed them.

This is Johnny Marconi, signing off. Good night inhabitants of the Slenderverse, and stay strong!


  1. Oh dear. Those guys probably aren't proxies- from what I've heard, they're more suited to the archivist. Which implies you aren't in Slendy's realm. Still, if it is the Library you're in that isn't so bad- the archivist is more indifferent than evil ,and he won't kill you just make you forget.

  2. Sleep in shifts, watch out for anyone unusual. Don't get comfortable.